Dental Prostheses

The replacement of missing teeth is done by dental prostheses, which are devices of substitution by a set of artificial teeth that are fixed on the remaining teeth or on implants, in order to re-form a complete dental arch.

Dentures are classified according to several criteria:

  • Either removable prostheses (on teeth, on mucous membranes, on implants) or fixed (sealed, glued, screwed).
  • Either by the manufacturing materials: (resins, metal alloys, gold alloys, titanium alloys, ceramics ...)
  • Dentures on fixed natural teeth (crowns, bridges, veneers, ceramic inlays, onlays and overlays), and removable (partial or total).
  • Fixed supra-implant dentures (supra-implant crowns and bridges), and removable dentures attached to implants.