Dental Laser

The practice of modern dentistry has been revolutionized by digitalization and lasers.

The results of the use of lasers compared to traditional techniques are exceptional, they allow a multitude of treatments, ensuring a range of advantages.

Immediate hemostasis, faster and more aesthetic healing, reduced postoperative pain, increased comfort, better quality of care and time savings.

The field of application in dental surgery is widening to the majority of procedures such as:

  • Gingival eviction

  • Implantology: Recovery and updating of healing screws

  • Periodontal treatments: treatment of pockets, frenectomy, gingivectomy, removal of hyperplasia.

  • Gingivectomy

  • Endodontics

  • Conservative dentistry: Class V caries access

  • Treatment of pathologies of the oral mucosa: mouth ulcers, herpes, fibroids, granulomas...

  • Orthodontics: canine clearance included